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Car Cell Phone Holder


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Keep your phone in place while driving. Universal mounting on dash or window. Easy lock/release for quick mount/removal. Reusable suction cup for a powerful hold. 360° rotation for landscape or portrait viewing. Holds all phone/cases from 2″ W to 3 ½” W. Measures 5 ¾” H  x 2 ½” W  x  4 3/8” D. Extends to 8 ½” H.

1. Screw the nut onto the ball joint.
2. Push the ball joint into the bolt.
3. Tighten the nut.
4. Remove bottom electrostatic films and adhere it to a flat surface in car. Make sure to wipe any dust or debris off surface before adhering the holder and wait until it is completely adhered before using.
5. Press the “OPEN” button, located on the back of bracket, and the arms will extend automatically.
6. Put the phone into the holder and close the arms around it. The holder fits phones between 1.97”-3.54” Wide (5-9 cm wide).
7. To lengthen and adjust the angle or arm, use a counterclockwise rotation to loosen the button and a clockwise rotation to tighten it.

Wipe surface with a dry cloth. The adhesive suction pad is reusable by washing it with water.