Is cold water good for washing your face?

Know the right temperature of water to wash your face!

Did you know that one of the most significant factors in ensuring that your skin stays healthy and radiant is the temperature of the water and how frequently you wash your face with it?

If you are obsessed with skincare just like us, then you must already be aware of this interesting fact. 

Yes, this is true. Choosing the type of water i.e., hot or cold water and how often you wash while starting your morning routine with a gentle face cleanser, plays an important role in face washing. This is not only concerned with managing your skin’s pH balance but also your skin’s overall health. 

Read on to find out more about the ideal temperature for face washing and how it can influence your skin’s appearance.

How is your skin affected by hot water?

Washing your body with hot running water might feel like a great way to relax your skin, but in reality, it does the opposite. How? It can strip the natural oils off your face and cause the skin to dry out. These natural oils are essential as it protects your skin from harmful external factors.

Furthermore, if you have an oily skin type, it can make your skin extremely shiny and clog your pores by making your body produce an excess amount of oil.

How is your skin affected by cold water?

Using cold water can work wonders for your skin as it can help in making it more youthful and radiant. Cold water works just like a face toner or astringent, which helps in maintaining the pH balance, tightening the pores, reducing the early morning puffiness, and eliminating toxins from our skin.

However, it is not advisable to wash your face with solely cold water. We believe cold to lukewarm and vice-versa, including water temperatures, is vital for a robust skin-care routine.

What is the right water temperature for face washing?

Here comes the question of whether you should cleanse your face with either hot water or cold water. Fret no more. When we talk about healthy face washing temperature, lukewarm water is perfect for your skin. It not only ensures that your face cleanser is working effectively for removing impurities but also helps to protect your skin’s natural oils.

Although you might feel like your water temperature, it’s best to use lukewarm water whenever possible for the best skin results.

Now, you might be aware of the benefits of lukewarm water for your skin, you would be wondering what kind of face cleanser to use. We at Avon understand all your concerns. Therefore, we have curated a list of our favourite Avon cleansers, why we adore them and how they might work for your skin type.

Dry skin

For dry skin, you can try our Avon True Nutraeffects Hydra Boost Cleanser. This plant-powered face cleanser is ideal for restoring your skin’s moisture without leaving the skin too dry.

Sensitive skin

Whether your skin is recovering itself from various harsh chemicals or treatments or is allergy-prone, the best way to calm the irritated skin is with the Avon Naturals Rose & Pearl Cleanser. Infused with the goodness of rose and pearl extracts, this gentle and nourishing cleanser gives your skin a supple and soft look without irritating it.

Acne-prone skin

Do you have acne-prone skin? Now, stop the acne breakouts with our Avon Naturals Green Tea & Tea Tree Oil Cleanser. It not only hydrates your skin but also unclogs the pores effectively to avoid excess sebum production leading to acne.

When beginning a skincare routine, achieving spotless skin is the utmost priority. Proper hydration, the right water temperature and top-quality skin care products can keep your skin glowing and healthy for a long time.

                                                                                                                           —– JY AVON SPECIALIST