What is the difference between Hair & Body Mist and Shimmering Body Mists?

  • Hair & Body Mists are meant to refresh. Shimmering Body Mists are meant to elevate your scent and mood.

When to wear Shimmering Body Mists

  • Where Hair & Body Mists are for those in-between moments to refresh (right after the gym, work, cooking, etc.), Shimmering Body Mists are meant to add an extra layer to accentuate your fragrance and give your skin a soft glow that matches the tone of your fragrance.

Throw and glow!

  • Wear your Far Away and Rare Pearls Shimmering Body Mist right after spraying your fragrance for an added glow and extra throw!

The perfect accessory

  • Enjoy summer year-round by bringing that radiance with you. Our Shimmering Body Mists wrap you in your favourite scent while also giving your skin that soft radiant glow that you only get on a beautiful summer day.
  • Just as we accessorize with jewellery, fragrance is the ultimate attention grabber and these mists give you a gorgeous shimmer — perfect for date night, weekend get-togethers, a casual walk and more.