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Perioe Thera-White Dental Whitening Strips

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A brighter smile is in your future. One-step whitening clear gel strips with hydrogen peroxide that adhere to teeth and peel off easily. The gel is already on the strip, no syringe is needed! No-slip grip. Apple mint flavor. Includes 20 strips.

• Delivers professional-level whitening in just 30 minutes
• Contains hydrogen peroxide, the same whitening ingredient that dentists use
• Peels off easily
• One-size-fits-all strips easily and comfortably stick on teeth for optimal usage

Peel the strip from the backing liner. TIP: Dab teeth with a clean towel to remove any moisture (this will help the strips stick to your teeth better.
Apply the strip to top teeth. Align the dented edge with the gumline.
Do the same with the lower teeth. Leave on for 30 minutes and peel off. Rinse any gel away with water.

Made in Korea