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Homestar Rangehood & Kitchen Degreaser

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Introducing powerful solutions that keep the house (and more) fresh and clean! Clean hard-to-remove grease stains—no scrubbing required. Super-strength formula with a double-solvent solution blend for those pesky grease stains on rangehoods, stovetops, burner grates, BBQ grills, sinks and more! Just spray and watch foaming bubbles go to work, then rinse for a shiny appliance that looks like new. For tougher stains, leave on for an hour before rinsing. 16.2 fl. oz.

• Double-solvent solution blend
• High-tech foam weakens the connection between the grease and the surface
• Good for hard-to-remove grease stains
• Squeezable spray top
• No harsh chemical vapors
• External oven use only

TO USE (on range hood filters)
1. Take out the range hood filter.
2. Place the range hood filter on flat surface, where it could be rinsed with water.
3. Place the spray on ‘On’ mode, and place it about 12 to 16″ away from the hood filter, spray it all over the filter.
4. After leaving it for an hour, rinse it with water.
* On toughest stains, do the process again until it is erased.

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