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Ginza Stefany Wish You Were Here Hair & Body Mist

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Caress your tresses and create a soft cocoon of scent with a gentle mist for both hair and body!

Get whisked away with notes of sweet hawthorn fruit, ripe pear and sensuous patchouli. With featherlight microconditioners that won’t weigh your hair down and impart a subtle, healthy-looking shine. 4 fl. oz.

“Hair holds scent beautifully. For optimum results, pay special attention to your hair ends, where hair is most porous and will retain the fragrance, while benefiting the most from our nourishing oils for healthy, shiny-looking hair. For a quick touch-up of scent during the day simply flip, toss or run fingers through hair.”

-Fragrance Product Developer Ray Mauro

While avoiding eye area, spray liberally on hair and body.