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fmg Glimmer Gel Nail Stickers

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Fun at your fingertips! It’s an at-home manicure made easy! Easy-to-apply glossy gel nail stickers add a fun pattern to your nails without having to take a trip to the salon. No-mess application doesn’t require additional tools or dry time. Available in two fun glimmer and glitz prints that are perfect for any occasion. Each set includes 14 stickers.

1.    Wipe each nail with nail polish remover to remove oils and/or old nail polish.
2.    File your nails to desired shape.
3.    Buff nail bed to create a smooth surface.
4.    Choose the suitable sticker size to match your nail.
5.    Apply to clean, natural nails.

•    Start with pinkies first.
•    If your nail is in between sizes, use nail scissors to trim the sticker to right size/shape.
•    Press the sticker on your nail as close as possible to the cuticle, without being on the cuticle.
•    Press and smooth from the nail bed to the nail tip, folding over the excess sticker.
•    File off excess with the rougher grit on file in one direction.  No back and forth.
•    Use the finer grit to smooth out the tip of the nail.
•     Apply a clear coat to lock in for several days of gorgeous nails!