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Eclat D’or Face & Body Massager

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A pro body and facial massage at home!

Ease tension and improve circulation with this advanced massager, complete with electrical muscle stimulation technology (EMS) mode to help skin look and feel rejuvenated. This massage tool stimulates muscles through gentle contractions, while it aids absorption of our Massage Gel, which helps skin look smoother, firmer and more radiant.

• Stimulates facial and body muscles to visibly improve tone, firmness and a healthy glow
• USB rechargeable
• 3″ diam. x 2.6″ H

Test before use to ensure compatibility with your skin.
1. Apply massage gel to the back of your hand.
2. Switch to EMS mode and use in a circular motion over the area where the massage gel was applied.
3. If irritation (redness, itching, etc.) does not occur, continue to use. If irritation occurs, stop using it immediately.

The device must be charged for at least 2 hours for first use.
Please charge as follows:
1. Open the charging piece on the bottom of the device and connect the cable to the adapter.
2. During charging, the red light blinks continuously. Once fully charged, the light turns off.
3. When fully charged, disconnect the USB cable from the charging piece.

How to clean:
1. Turn off the device before cleaning.
2. Wipe it with a wet wipe or dry cloth and dry thoroughly by placing it in a well-ventilated area.
3. Use protective cap when storing the device.
Caution: Do not clean under running water. This device is not waterproof.

Usage tips with Eclat D’or Face & Body Massage Gel
1. After checking compatibility with the skin by using it on the back of your hand, apply enough massage gel to the desired area such as thighs, abdomen, and shoulders.
Take an amount of about 25mm in diameter for a single use.
We recommend a single use for an arm and more for midsection.
Apply more onto rough skin or for a smoother feeling
2. Turn on the power of the massager and set the desired mode and level.
Relaxing mode (level 1~3): A relaxing effect to gently loosen tight muscles by massaging them.
EMS mode (1~3 steps): Relaxing + body elasticity improvement for smoothness and firmness
3. Move the massager in a circle over the area where the massage gel was applied and massage the area that requires intensive care.