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CHI® Essentials Revive Keratin + Bonding Conditioner

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Give your hair the care it needs with this restoring conditioner that features a triple system of natural bond builders, keratin and intense moisture to help restore dry, damaged and brittle hair.
12 fl. oz.

• Restores dry, damaged and brittle hair to soft, healthy and shiny locks
• With continuous use, will improve the hair’s integrity, protecting color from
fading and preventing future damage.

Bonding agents—Our plant-based bonding agent is naturally derived (and an
alternative to bonding products that are made using synthetic chemistry). It
helps to repair and rebuild the protein bonds in our hair that are damaged due
to chemical processes and environmental factors. Its small molecular weight
allows it to deeply penetrate, helping to strengthen hair’s structure.
Keratin—Replenishes and protects hair’s natural keratin protein, dramatically
improving elasticity and preventing future breakage, while adding intense
hydration, softness and shine.

• After shampooing, apply generously to wet hair from mid-shaft to the ends.
• Rinse.